The Smart Policing Initaitive (SPI) is current in the process of updating and redeveloping our website and we plan to launch our new site soon! In the meantime, our most recent updates and information can be found on this page. If you have any questions concerning SPI, please contact us at spi@cna.org.

SPI is a collaborative effort among the Bureau of Justice Assistance, CNA, state and local law enforcement agencies, and researchers. It is designed to assist agencies with identifying innovative and evidence-based solutions to effectively and efficiently tackle chronic crime problems in their jurisdictions. SPI has supported 59 initiatives in 48 communities across the nation.

With the assistance of CNA (BJA's partner in SPI training and technical assistance), SPI sites—law enforcement agencies and research partners—collect and analyze data to devise evidence-based solutions to target serious crime problems, such as street robberies, substance abuse, repeat violent offenders, retaliatory violence, or gun violence. CNA documents lessons learned and research-tested practices to share proven policing innovations nationwide.

Recent SPI Publications

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Improving Homicide Clearance Rates

SPI Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Response:
Focused Deterrence of High-Risk Individuals

SPI Winter 2017 Quarterly Newsletter

  Smart Approaches to Reducing Gun Violence  
Smart Policing at a Glance:
Successful Violence Reduction Strategies
Smart Policing at a Glance:
Successful Gun Violence Reduction Strategies

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